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Erber Missionary Update 
July 7, 2018


Dear Partners in Mission,

Sunday, July 1, was a historic day for the church in Ghana. Rev. John Shadrack Donkoh was installed as the new President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana.



President Donkoh received his initial training at the seminary in Nigeria. As a young pastor, he started many congregations in Western Ghana. He served as a missionary to Uganda for ten years. When I first met John, he was serving as the Director of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Ghana. He recently completed three years of advanced studies at Westfield House in Cambridge, England. At the time of his election, he was serving as pastor of the Anyaa congregation in Accra. Finally, President Donkoh and his wife Monica are dear, personal friends.
 Today, please include President Donkoh and the church in Ghana in your prayers. AND your prayers for us are always greatly appreciated!

David and Joyce

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