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It's March!


Hello everyone! March brings with it the promise that the hardest parts of winter are over and spring is on its way. Russians mark the beginning of spring on March 1st, which led to not a few jokes as we had a sudden blizzard and two more inches of snow on March 2nd. It looks like we may have a few more weeks of winter left! Of course, we're also on the verge of Lent, a season which leads us to the greatest celebration of new life, Easter Sunday. For me, this is a season of anticipation and hope; as mortal beings we hope for warmer weather, that green leaves and grass will appear, and that the roads will once again be free of snow and ice (can I even remember what that's like?!?), but as immortal beings, that is, as Christians, we rejoice in the blessed reminder that our sufferings in this present life will one day be wiped away and we will join our Father in heaven. Whether looking forward to the fulfillment of God's promises in this world or the next, however, it is a wonderful season of hope and joy :). 

This past month I've been trudging through the snow and ice to take part in the usual assortment of English classes and church activities. Read my latest newsletter for a glimpse into what it looks like to work with kids in the Ingrain churches. I appreciate your prayers as always!