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Busch's Fresh Food Market has made some minor but noteworthy changes in their Scrip program.

In order for Busch's to continue to provide Christ Our Savior 5% on purchases, all Busch's' Scrip gift cards purchased from COS will be required to be affiliated with a MyWay account as of November 1, 2010.

You will still need to use your Busch's rechargeable card to link your purchases to COS, but you can now pay for your purchases via debit, cash, check (5% donation) or credit card (3% donation).

If you are already enrolled in their MyWay program you will not need to do a thing. For those who are not, sign up is easy, and once your Busch's Scrip gift card is registered, COS will continue to raise money exactly as we have in the past.

To sign up for a MyWay account, please go to the below web site and fill in the necessary information:

A confirmation email will then be sent to your email address that will ask you to click on a secure link that will activate your MyWay account. You will be asked to provide your 14 digit number found on the back of your COS Scrip gift card that starts with EG. This number will then be associated with Christ Our Savior.

That's all there is to it!

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Matusicky,