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Christ Our Savior Lutheran’s
July 30 Monday - Aug 2 Thursday; 6:30 – 8 pm

Being active and involved in sports provides an excellent opportunity for kids to spend time together over the summer! Our sports camp will help to “train” our young athletes - boys and girls ages 5 – 12 - to participate! For them to become: Faster, Higher, and Stronger. Each night will begin with devotion focused on Jesus who is our best Coach.

Each night of our sports camp will focus on learning and competing in a different team sport with coaches who are knowledgeable in that sport.

The kids will learn the fundamentals and practice basic drills for volleyball; kickball/softball; soccer; and track and field.

Cost: $15 Each student (instruction; equipment; snacks)
Staff: Members and friends from Christ Our Savior Lutheran (14175 Farmington Rd; Livonia, (Just north I-96); Phone 734-522-6830; Fax 734-522:5949


 To download and print the registration form, please click here!